Residential Coronavirus Disinfection Service

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Residential Disinfecting and Fogging Services in Florida

Our system is quite simple and backed by science. A healthier home environment is essential. This will also provide peace of mind with results and starts with our solutions. The most critical areas are VISHIELD protected with an EPA registered, water-based, antimicrobial technology that provides persistent and continuous protection.

Disinfection of wc and smaller spaces can be done by the method of spraying with low-pressure electric motors. The disinfectant is injected on the surfaces as an aqueous solution. The technician moistens all surfaces of the space (ceiling, floors, walls), as well as the surfaces of sanitary ware or counters contained in it.

Preparing residence before coronavirus disinfection

The areas where the covid-19 disinfection will take place should be properly prepared, before the application. They must be clean and free of contaminants, food debris and other materials on the surfaces to achieve maximum effect. A variety of food, fruit, utensils or food packaging or clothing (eg work uniforms) should be protected inside wardrobes or shelves.

What kind of residential spaces do our professionals undertake?

Our company undertakes the disinfection of any house, regardless of area size. Having many years of experience in the field of disinfestations, our specialized staff uses the most up to date equipment, able to disinfect any surface of your home. We are able to take care of the disinfection for both the interiors of your home and the common areas, such as roofs, gardens, basements, garages, etc.

Coronavirus Disinfection Service

Experienced staff

We have over 20 years experience with biohazard remediation and have worked with biohazard remediation with mold, fungi and viruses long before COVID-19.

24/7 service

Our disinfectant experts are on call around the clock to ensure your business or home is rid of any bacteria or viruses!

After Covid-19 disinfecting

The main requirement of the application is the absence of people from all areas of application. After the end of the application and for a period of three (3) hours, it is necessary for the space to remain closed. This time is considered the safety time during which the disinfectant acts.

All residents must follow certain rules after the application of the disinfection for covid-1. More specifically:

  • All disinfected places should stay closed for three hours minimum.
  • After the 3 hours the space must be ventilate well for at least 30 minutes.

Depending on the type of disinfectant, surfaces that will be used immediately should be rinsed with water (or wet cloth) before use. In any case, our experienced staff will let you know for all the necessary details.

Residential COVID-19 Coronavirus Disinfection

  • Follows all CDC guidelines.
  • We use EPA-registered industrial strength disinfectant solutions that are environmentally friendly and kill 99.99% of all viruses and bacterias.
  • State of the art procedures and equipment.
  • Multiple step remediation process!
  • Residential Disinfection Services with low cost.